Wag : To skip school, play hooky
Wack-a : Stupid person. e.g. “You’re a real wack-a mate, no one else would buy that old bomb car!”
Wait in a Queue : Stand in line. See also Queue
Wakeup : A word intimating a person is alert, perceptive or discerning. e.g. ‘You’ll never fool him, he’s a wakeup to your tricks”
Walkabout : Original application with the Australian Aborigine, who would for no apparent reason leave his place of dwelling and go wandering long distances, often for hundreds of kilometres
2. To wander aimlessly about or travel long distances by foot
Wallaby : Small kangaroo
Wallaroo : A very large kangaroo. See also Big red
Waltzing Matilda : Traditional Australian folk song
Wank-a : A stupid or silly person
Waterbag : A canvass waterbag usually hung on the front end of a car predominately in the outback areas to keep the water cool enough to quench a person’s thirst in hot weather. Also a safety survival factor in areas where long distance travel is required
Weekender : A small cottage or home in the country or by the sea. Used for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life
Whacko : A cry to express one’s delight, elation or triumph
What’s that got to do with the price of fish? : The information is irrelevant to the conversation
Wheelie : Spinning the tyres on one’s car
Windies : West Indies cricket team
Within a bulls roar : Close by or to close for comfort (Compare “Within cooee”)
Within cooee : Close at hand, not far away, a short distance
Whinge : Whine, complain, gripe
Whinger : A person who unrelentingly gripes all of the time
White wash : Agitated (foaming) sea or (beach) waves
Willy Willy : A strong circular moving gust of wind or whirlwind, primarily found in the outback
Wipe : To completely reject or terminate all contact with a person
Witchetty grub : A plump white coloured grub like creature (Worm) found in old logs or rotting tree stumps. Favoured by the Aborigine as a tasty entree
Whoop Whoop : A fictitious and obscure setting (place) somewhere in the outback
Woolloomooloo : A historic suburb of the city of Sydney. See also Harry cafe de wheels
Wombat : A nocturnal marsupial, resembling an American badger, which is indigenous to Australia
Wonky : Unstable, shaky, wobbly
Wowser : A party pooper. See also Piker

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