Uluru : Also called by the name “Ayers Rock” it is a massive rock of sandstone located in central Australia, and the lower part of the Northern Territory
Up there Cazaly: A renown footballer from the southern state of Victoria. Famous for his remarkable ability to generate a high score even against a tough opposing team. 2. A shout of confidence, reassurance or support
Up country : Reference to the Australian outback
Up a gumtree : Being in a state of dilemma, difficulty or crisis
Up the putty : Valueless, useless, worthless
Up him : A strong exclamation to fight or retaliate
Up you : A vulgar brush-off relating to a conflict of views or opinion
Uni : An abbreviated word for university
Unreal : Fantastic or wonderful. e.g. “The job you got me is unreal!” 2. Unbelievable, incredible or inconceivable. e.g. “Did you hear the missus found the money. No, but that’s unreal”
Useless as a two bob watch : Someone or something that is unquestionably worthless
Ute : A small utility truck or pick-up

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