Ta : Thankyou
Tata : Goodbye. See also Hooroo
Take away : Food to go
Tall poppy : An unusual term in respect to an ordinary Aussie who becomes successful in business and achieves financial wealth and independence
Tall poppy syndrome : An expression to denote resentment by the ordinary Aussie worker towards the success of a “Tall poppy”
Tanked : Intoxicated, drunk or plastered. See also Full as a boot
Tart : A woman who dresses provocatively
Tassie : The State of Tasmania. See also Apple Isle
Tea : Dinner or evening meal. e.g. “Why don’t you come and have tea with us tonight?” See also Bring a plate
Telly : Television or telescope
The top end : The most northern point of Australia
Ticket : A speeding or parking fine
Tickle the tonsils : A witty expression to absorb or digest information or food
Tinnie : A can of beer. 2. A small aluminium boat
Tinned food : Canned food or meat
Tip : A rubbish dump
Toey : A state of nervousness
Togs : Swimwear
Too good for you, you mongrel : A light hearted expression amongst friends. Meaning, I’m more deserving of this (thing) than you! Made famous in a television show by the respected Australian actor, Paul Hogan
Tomato sauce : Ketchup
Tom bowler : The biggest marble in a child’s collection
Tongs : Household instrument put to good use at a Barbie 2. The originally applied to sheep shearing shears
Too right : A convincing and strong exclamation for “most certainly”
Top of the brim to you : The best of the morning to you
Top Sort : An attractive female. See also Sort
Top stuff : Good quality merchandise. 2. In agreement with a situation or the thoughts of another person
Torch : Flashlight
Town Bike : A woman streetwalker
Trannie : Portable transistor radio
Trot : A cycle of personal successes or failures would be referred to as a good or bad trot
Tucker : All food generally speaking
Turn it up : Be quiet or be reasonable, also a request to cease conversation
Turps : Mineral turpentine. Highly inflammable 2. Liquor, alcohol, booze.
Twist-top : A bottle of beer with a screw top
Two bob lair : A worthless hoodlum. See also Lair
Two bob watch : Worthless merchandise. See also Useless as a two bob watch
Two pot screamer : A person who gets drunk on a small amount of liquor. See Pot
Two up : A unlawful game of chance involving a wooded paddle and the use of coins

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