“An Amusing Language From The Land Down Under”

Strine Book
Published by: Steber & Associates
Book Publishing Division
18267 Brookhurst Street, Suite 165
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Copyright © 1989 David Steber
First printing 1989
Printed in the United States of America.

ISBN 1-877834-00-9

Meet the Aussie Koala, native of the Australian habitat, as he leads you through the lingo of the fascinating dialect. Several humorous illustrations have been incorporated in the website for your enjoyment and appreciation of the function and meaning of words and expressions unique to Australia. Many words and idioms have been included in a short phrase or sentence to give a clear understanding as to how it is to be used and spoken. Welcome now to the “Ridgy-Didge” *Words of “STRINE” * Refer to glossary for more information.

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