Rack off : A vigorous exclamation to leave or to get lost!
Rafferty rules : No rules, guidelines, regulations at all
Rage : To party. e.g. “Let’s go out and rage tonight!
Rapt : Extremely excited, extraordinarily happy. e. g. “That’s a beaut pressie you got. I know, and I’m really rapt!”
Ratbag : Moron, imbecile, one who shows disrespect or displays no feeling or compassion towards others
Raw prawn : See Come the raw prawn
Rave : Talk or speak for long periods of time. Especially about someone or something of personal interest
Razoo : An imaginary coin of little value. See also Brass Razoo
Red Centre : The dead heart of Australia. See also Ayers Rock
Real Nark : See Nark
Rego : Motor vehicle registration
Ricky’s : See Scared the living Ricky’s out of me
Ridgy Didge : The genuine article, absolutely real or true. These words and expressions are Ridgy didge Strine
Right-o : Ok, yes, alright
Ring : Call or phone. e.g. “I’m going to ring mum and see if she is home”
Ripper : An exuberant exclamation to denote great pleasure or satisfaction towards an individual, concept or object. Pronounced “Ripper”
Rissole : Mince meat and bread crumbs rolled into the shape of a ball
Robe : Coat or clothes closet
Rock hopper : A fisherman who prefers to fish from coastal rocks
Rock Melon : Cantaloupe
Roll your own : A wording used mainly by order men who roll together finely cut tobacco in paper for smoking
Roll Up : The amount of people in attendance. e.g. “I’m rapt just look at the roll up, we’ll make money tonight”
Roo : An abbreviation for kangaroo
Roo Bar : See Bull Bar
Rooted : A crude, coarse or vulgar term to denote, absolute exhaustion
Ropeable : Infuriated, irate, exceptionally angry
Rort : A con, racket, trick
Rotten : Contemptible, horrible, lousy. 2. Smashed, plastered, drunk
Row : An argument, feud quarrel
Rough as guts : Crude, unrefined, ill-bred
Rough end of a pineapple : A bad experience, deal or transaction. e.g. “I heard about your partnership deal, and it sounds to me you got the rough end of a pineapple
Roughie : A person who uses strong arm tactics to get what they want
Rubbish : To verbally put a person down. 2. To brush aside someone
Rudy : A tainted joke. 2. An obscene word. 3. A naked person
Runners : See Sandshoes
Runs like a hairy goat : Someone or something that runs, operates or performs poorly. 2. A term applied to an out of tune motor transport vehicle
Run rings around : To beat, conquer or defeat a person either by physical force or intelligence. See no flies on

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