Pack : See Go to the pack
Packing it : Scared or frightened
Paddle-pop : A popsicle
Pad do : Paddington. A trendy (older) suburb of Sydney, New South Wales
Packer-poo-tickets : Disorder, confusion, incorrect
Passion Pit : A drive-in motion picture theatre
Pavlova : Favourite Aussie cake, covered with whipped cream, and made from a mixture of egg whites and sugar, then baked in a cool oven
Paw Paw : Papaya fruit
Peacock : See Pick the eyes out of a peacock
Peckish : A feeling of slight hunger but one could not eat a large meal
Perk : Regurgitate, throw up, vomit
Perve : To gaze upon or admire the opposite gender
Peter Peter : A variety of Australian cicada. See also Greengrocer
Petrol garage : Gas station
Pick the eyes out of a peacock : Take the best of anything
Piker : A person who spoils the fun of others. 2. A boring person or one who keeps to themselves
Piss Waker : Type of cicada that urinates on you when you pick it up
Piss weak : Devoid of all strength
Platypus : A small, fur bearing, aquatic mammal indigenous to Australia having a duck-like bill
Plonk : Inexpensive wine or spirits
Plonk down : To sit down quickly
Poddy Dodger : Cattle rustler
Pokies : Coin operated (poker) slot machine
Pools : Lotto, the game all Australians would like to win
Pom : An English person
Pommy : A migrant from England who has settled in Australia
Pong : A rotten smell, stench or bad odour
Porridge : Oatmeal. e.g. “Mum can you please make us some porridge for brekkie
Poser : A show off. See also Mug Lair
Possie : Position or location
Post : Mail a letter
Postcode : Zip Code
Postie : Mailman
Pot : A 10oz beer mug used mainly in the State of Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. See also Middy
Potty : Silly, foolish, a little crazy
Power Point : An electrical outlet or receptacle
Pram : Baby stroller
Prang : A motor vehicle collision. e.g. “Did you see that four car prang?”
Prawn : Shrimp. Also see Come the raw prawn
Preggers : Pregnant
Pre-owned : Used. Something that has been previously owned by someone else
Premiership : Final sports match of the season to determine which football club will take out the honour for having the best players of the year. See also Grand Final
Pressies : Presents or gifts. Pronounced “Prezzies”
Pub : Licensed bar or hotel
Publican : Owner of a hotel
Pull your finger out : Rush, hurry up, speed up. e.g. “Pull your finger out mate, there’s a lot of work to do hear”
Pull your head in : Be quiet or keep your opinions to yourself
Punt : Punt A calculated risk or gamble. e.g. “Go on Dave, take a punt and write a book on Australian slang”
2. A flat bottom river ferry used primarily for transporting automobiles
Put the fangs in : To put the bite on someone for cash, money or a loan
Put you through the cleaners : Taken to the cleaners, cleaned out financially, treated poorly
Put a sock in it : Shut up, be quite!
Putty : See Up the putty

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