Ocker : An unrefined, crude Australian
Offsider : A work mate, a close companion or partner. e.g. “It sounds good but I’d like you to talk it over with me offsider first”
Oil : Information from a reliable source. See also Dinkum oil
Old Country : England
Oldies : Parents
On the nose : Smells terrible, bad odour, something stinks
On the track : As below
On the Wallaby : Tramping about outback areas on foot
Open slather : No rules, regulations or government laws apply or will be enforced
Ostrich : See Emu
Outback : Just about all country area, bush or scrub is the referred to as outback
Outsider : A stranger
Outstation : An outlying sheep or cattle station
Out to it : Intoxicated, plastered, drunk
Overland : Across country
Over the fence : Absurd, impractical, unrealistic
Over the road : Across the street. e.g. “Where did the ball roll? It’s over the road”
Oz : The entire country, Australia. See also Down Under

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