Nappy : Baby’s diaper
Nark : To annoy or upset someone. e.g. “Listen hear sport, I don’t want you to nark me anymore or I’m going to dong you”
2. A person with a bad disposition. e.g. “I’ve never liked him, he is a real nark”
Nasho : The Australian National Peacetime Service draft or National Guard
Natter : Idle talk, gossip, chitchat. e.g. “Mums over at the neighbours having a bit of a natter.” Pronounced “Natta”
N-Aussie : A newly appointed Australian citizen
Ned Kelly : Australia’s most notorious bushranger (outlaw) who after years of successfully eluding police was finally caught and hung
2. A modern day thief or any person unscrupulous in business
Never saw the sun shine brighter : I never felt better. In reply to the question, “How are you feeling? I never saw the sun shine brighter!”
Never Never : Far-off areas in the outback. See also Black Stump
New Australian : See “N-Aussie” above
Newsagent : A shop that sells newspapers, books, magazines, and stationary
N.S.W : An abbreviation for the state of New South Wales
Nick : Steal, lift, and snatch. e.g. “I hope you didn’t nick that?”
2. Naked, bare, nude. e.g. “Don’t stand there in the nick”
3. Condition, shape, order. e.g. “That old car is in good nick!”
4. See also In the nick
Nick Off : An impolite term to ask someone to leave
Nicky nu : Exposed or naked. See Nick #2
Niggly : Touchy, irritable, temperamental
Ninety to the dozen : An amusing expression directed to a person who constantly talks “on and on” and on and never realizes when to shut up
Nig Nong : See Drongo
Nipper : A small child. e.g. “Is he your little nipper madam?” 2. A junior lifeguard.
Nit : Lice. 2. A foolish individual
Nit Keeper : A person who watches out for the authorities during an illegal operation. See also Cockatoo #3
Nitwit : Silly person, stupid, clumsy type individual
Noah : One of many nicknames for a shark
No dramas : No problems. See No Worries
No flies on : A peculiar expression to denote an individual’s mental alertness. Consider however, if there are flies on a person, obviously it shows a lack of movement. But if you see them doing the Aussie Salute then without question, you know that they are alert. e.g. “You think you’re smart don’t you? But, you’ll never fool Johnny, there’s no-flies-on him”
No Hoper : An unworthy or an unproductive person
No sweat : A statement of agreement. e.g. “No sweat mate, I take care of it right now for you”
No Worries : No trouble, no bother, it’s alright
N.T. : Northern Territory, the most northern state of Australia
Not in the race : No chance whatsoever
Now’s : Insight, intuition, intelligence. e.g. “She got all the difficult questions right, she’s really in the now’s”
Not the full quid : See Quid
Not worth a Zach : Worthless. See also Zach
Not wrong : Correct, right, precise. e.g. “You’re not wrong about that mate
Note : A bill, legal tender, money
Nudie : Nude, bare, naked. See also Nicky nu
Nuggetty : A person with a short and stocky build
Nula Nula : Somewhere in the outback. See also Whoop Whoop
2. A hunting club of the Australian Aborigine

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