Mangy : Selfish, stingy, lousy. e.g. “I wouldn’t invite you, you mangy bastard. By the way you act, you’d think you’ve got a death adder in your pocket
Mad as a meataxe : An expression to denote complete stupidity. e.g. “I knew he would eventually get caught, he is as mad as a meataxe you know”
Magpie : A large black bird that has a practice of swooping down and pecking the heads of people who pass by its domain
Mate : Friend, pal, acquaintance. Probably, the most widely used word in the Australian lingo. See also Cobber
Metho : Methyl ate (volatile) spirits
Me : My. Aussies for reasons unknown, almost always substitute the word my for the word me
Mickey Mouse : Someone or something of excellence
Middy : A medium (10 fluid ounce) size glass of beer. See also Schooner
Milk bar : A corner store or malt shop, where milk shakes, hamburgers and various food amenities can be purchased. Similar to a 7 eleven store
Milko : A milkman who delivers milk to your door
Minty : A popular and well known brand of candy mint
Missus : Wife, spouse, partner
Mob : A term to express a large number or group. e.g. A mob of cattle or, there was a large mob at the concert
Mongo Cactus : Completely destroyed, of no further use or value
Moolah : Money, cash, folding bank notes.
Moorish : Tasty, pleasant to the palate. e.g. “Boy, that’s real Moorish”
Mortein : A well known brand of insect spray. Most Aussies carry a can to kill the Mozzies or flies, in preference to the Aussie Salute
Morton Bay Bug : A small delectable lobster, found in Moreton bay Queensland
Mozzie : A mosquito
Muck up (or) around : Act a goat, act a fool, play up. e.g. “Don’t muck up again!” 2. Cause a mess or a disorder 3. Mismanage, ruin or spoil
Mug : A foolish person
Mug Lair : A bothersome show off. A popular term applied to a young man in a Hottie (flashy car). See also Lair
Mulga : An unusual word used to describe or represent an unfamiliar place or area. e.g. “I don’t know where it is, but I think it’s somewhere in the mulga”
2. Bush or scrub in the outback
3. Gossip, rumour or scandal
Mullet : See Stunned Mullet
Mum : Mom
Muso : Musician
My oath : The exclamation, “Yes of course!” e.g. “Did you feed the chooks like I asked? My oath I did”
My Bloody Oath : An intensified and offensive version of “My oath” Spoken emphatically usually in an upset or angry mood or circumstance
My Pleasure : You’re welcome. e.g. “Thanks for helping me, it’s my pleasure!”

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