Ladder : A flaw or run in a woman’s nylon or stocking
Lair : A show off, a person who displays all the qualities of a clown. 2. A person who wears gaudy or showy clothes. See also Mug Lair
Laired up : Dressed in one’s best clothes usually for a special occasion
Lassie : A rubber or elastic band
Lamington : A chocolate coated sponge cake, sprinkled with coconut topping
Larrikin : A boisterous and mischievous youth. See also Bodgie
Lay-by : Layaway
Laughing gear : A term applied to one’s mouth. See also Gob
Lash at : Strive or endeavour to accomplish a job or a form of activity
Lashings : A lot of something, plenty, an abundance. e.g. “Saturday’s Barbie sure had lashings of tucker and grog
Left for dead : To outclass, exceed or transcend. e.g. “The Yank left us for dead in the last America’s cup race”
Lippie : A woman’s lipstick
Liquid gold : Beer. See also Amber Nectar
Lifesaver : Lifeguard
Lob in : To arrive at someone’s place unexpectedly
Lob onto : Take advantage of, take hold of, or to find out about something
Locust : See bush locust
Lofty : A nickname for a short person
Log head : Someone who displays little or no intelligence
Loo : Lavatory, toilet. See also Dyke
Lolly : A mint candy or lollipop. See also Do one’s lolly
Lord muck : Top dog, chief, ruler. See also King Dick
Lose one’s block : Lose one’s self-control. Fits or screaming. Loud burst of anger. See also Ropeable
Lovely Linda : An inflatable doll
Lyrebird : An individual who constantly tells lies. e.g. “I wouldn’t believe him mate, he is a bit of a Lyrebird

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