Kangaroo : An Australian marsupial, nicknamed “Roo
Kelly : See Ned Kelly
Keep nit : An expression directed to a lookout, to keep a watchful eye out for the law during illegal operations. See also Nit Keeper and Cockatoo #3
Kero : Kerosene
Kinder : Kindergarten, Day care centre, nursery
Kiwi : A nickname given to a New Zealander
Kiwi bird : A native (almost extinct ) bird of New Zealand
Kiwi fruit : Chinese gooseberries
King Dick : Boss. Also used in an offensive way. e.g. “Who does he think he is? King Dick!” See also Lord Muck
Knackered : Worn out, fatigued, exhausted. e.g. “I heard you did some hard yakka today. Yes, and I’m feeling really knackered”
Knick : Steal, rob, thieve
Knick off : An impolite suggestion to ask someone to leave
Knocker : A person who continually finds fault. e.g. “I wouldn’t show him, he is a real knocker”
Knockback : Refuse, deny or to miss out on something. e.g. “Did you get the job? No, I got a knockback”
Knockout : To invent, fabricate, construct. e.g. “No worries, I’ll knockout a couple for you” 2. To acquire or earn
Koala : A marsupial indigenous to Australia
Not quite the cuddly animal most people imagine. With it’s sharp claws and a habit of urinating on you if disturbed, the koala is best viewed from a distance
Kombi Wagon : A VW bus or van
Kookaburra : An Australian bird with an amusing laugh and humorous antics
Knuckle : To fight. e.g. “The boys got into a real knuckle!”

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