Jack of : Sick of or fed up with someone or something. e.g. “Did you hear about Bob, he got jack of his job, and shot through to Brizzie
Jack up : Refuse, deny or an act of stubbornness
Jacko : A nickname for an Australian kookaburra
Jacky : A jack pot from a coin operated slot machine
Jackeroo : A novice worker on an outback station
Jaffle : A toasted sandwich
Jaffle iron : A waffle-like machine for making jaffles
Jaffa’s : A well-known Australian candy
Jarrah : A mahogany (gum) tree indigenous to Australia
Jelly-bubbler : A semi-transparent Portuguese man-of-war that can grow to a considerable size, trailing extensive poisonous tentacles
Jelly-fish : A small lucid jelly like sea creature. See also Blue Bottles
Job : To punch or strike someone
Joey : A baby Kangaroo
Journo : A Journalist
Juice : Gasoline. e.g. “Look at you petrol (gas) gauge, boy you old bomb car sure sucks up the juice”
Jumbuck : Sheep
Jumper : A popular word for a sweater. e.g. “It’s going to be cold tonight, so bring a jumper with you”
Jumping Bull Joe : An aggressive orange and black ant that hops. Approximately 20mm in length, the Jumping Bull Joe is enemy of the bull ant
Just quietly : Classified, private, secret

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