Icebergs : People who swim in winter regardless of weather and water temperature. see also Bondi Icebergs
Icky : A difficult situation or predicament. e.g. “I wouldn’t like to be in Karen’s shoes tonight, she accidently made a date with two good looking blokes and there meeting up with her at the same time and place”
2. Unpleasant surroundings or environment
Idiot box : Television
In the blue : A situation or event that is out of control
In the nick : In jail, prison, or a reformatory. 2. A state of (Human) nakedness. See also Nick
In like Flynn : A person who is enthusiastic, lively or swift in deeds, actions, or dealings with others
Info : Information
Ironbark : Extremely tough hardwood lumber
Ironman : A muscular, healthy life saver. 2. One who competes in triathlon events See also Bronze Aussie
It’s Rooted : Completely and utterley broken, bent or damaged. See also Cactus

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