Hairy eyeball : Give someone the “Hairy eyeball” is to give them the once over or to examine them closely
Half way decent : An expression used to denote a reasonably attractive person
Harry cafe de Wheels : A small trailer located in the older suburb of the city of Sydney, called Woolloomooloo. This small eating-house offers (The best!) hot pies, topped with mushie peas and has become a famous Sydney landmark. Among the list of famous people to eat there includes Colonel Sanders of Kentucky fried chicken fame, Olivia Newton John, and many other celebrities and movie stars
Have a sticky : Pry into others affairs. Look or glance. e.g. “Let’s have a sticky through ‘is bag and see if we can find it.” See also Bo Peep
Happy as Larry : Overjoyed, happy or completely satisfied
Hard word: To extract information or to request money or a favour. e.g. “Keep away from old William or he’ll put the hard word on you!”
Hard Yakka : Strenuous work. e.g. “You didn’t tell me the job was going to be hard yakka mate!”
Heaps : Large amount. e.g. “Take you pick, there’s heaps to choose from.” 2. Troubles, problems, or a piece of one’s mind. e.g. “Don’t let him get away with it, say something, Give him heaps”
Hey! Hey! It’s Saturday : An extremely successful and popular Australian Saturday television show with one of the hosts being a pink ostrich named “Ozzie”
Holiday : Vacation
Holy Dooley : Disbelief, amazement, astonished
Hooray : Til next time we meet, goodbye, farewell
Hooroo : Farewell, goodbye. 2. Cry to attract attention. See also Tata
Home unit : Apartment. See also Flat
Hostie : An airline hostess or stewardess
Hottie : An exaggerated tale or sceptical story. 2. A souped up car, or a fast high performance motor vehicle
Hoyts : Name of a popular theatre complex and chain
Humpy : A small shack, usually in poor condition
Hundreds and thousands : Sprinkles used on cakes or deserts

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