G’day (mate) : Good day, hello friend. An Aussie trade mark
Galah : A person displaying all the attributes of a fool or idiot
Game as Ned Kelly : A fearless and Daring individual. e.g. “No way, I’m not climbing that cliff face, you have to be as game as Ned Kelly to do it
Game as a piss-ant : Bold, fearless, courageous
Garage : A gas station. Pronounced “Gar-rage”
Garbo : A garbage collector. Sometimes referred to as a “Gar-bolo-gist”
Gear : Clothes. See also Laughing Gear
Get rooted : A vulgar and distasteful term for “get lost!”
Give it a break : Discontinue, cease, quit. e.g. “You’ve been talking for the past twenty minutes, will you give it a break!”
Give it a go : To try to make an honest effort
Goanna : A large craggy lizard, looked upon as tucker by the Aborigines
Go : An attempt or try. e.g. “I’ll have a go mate!” 2. An understanding, arrangement or an agreement. e.g. “Ok that’s a go!”
Go to the pack : Fall to pieces, breakdown or collapse
Gob : One’s mouth. See also Zip your gob
Gone a million : Exposed, dilemma, caught. e.g. “Did you hear old Tom was found with some stolen television sets? No I didn’t, but I’m sure he’s gone a million”
Good Doer : See Doer
Good nick : Good condition. See also Nick
Good Sport : A likable person, generous individual, someone who is agreeable and fits in with others
Good : A utility word with numerous uses and colourful interpretations. For example:
Good doer – “An interesting person” Good drop – “A fine tasting drink” Good on you – “Expression of approval” Good-oh – “All right”
Googy : An egg
Gooly : A stone or rock. e.g.”Did you throw that gooly you little bugger
Grabber : A selfish individual. 2. A person who persists on placing their hands on others
Grand Final : End of the season play and final football match to decide the best (club) players of the year. Similar to the United States Super Bowl. See also Premiership
Grey Ghost : Police that issue parking fines. See also Brown bomber
Grazier : Rancher
Greenie : Someone who endeavours to protect the natural environment
Greengrocer : A vegetable and fruit shop. 2. A variety of a cicada. See also Piss Waker
Grog : Liquor alcohol, spirits
Grog shop : Liquor shop. See also Bottle Shop
Groper : A person from the state of Western Australia. 2. See Grabber
Grotty : Unclean, dirty or messy
Grouse : Good, excellent, terrific. See also Extra Grouse
Guillotine : In France a guillotine was used to behead people; in Australia it is a paper cutter
Gumtree : A native tree of Australia. See also Up a gumtree
Gutser : To fall apart, breakdown or give up

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