Fag : Cigarette
Fair crack of the whip : A request to display an honest understanding, dealing or arrangement. 2. Give it up, don’t ruffle your feathers
Fair go : Show reasonableness. Spoken emphatically e.g. “Wait, hear the man out first, and give him a fair go”
Fair enough : An cry of approval. See also Ridgy Didge
Fair Dinkum : Entirely honest, genuine, absolutely true. See also Dinkum oil
Fatties : Wide, low profile tyres on a (Hottie) car. See also Hottie
Fibro : Fibrous cement sheets for buildings. Home cladding material, very common on older Australian homes
Fiddlesticks : Not true, nonsense
Fine : Clear, bright, fair. e.g. “It’s pouring down rain right now, so let’s wait until it clears up”
Fizzer : A fire cracker that did not explode. A dud
Flaked : Worn out, fatigued, exhausted. See also Rooted
Flaming : A zealous outcry of rage, anger or abuse
Flannel : Wash cloth. 2. Woollen material
Flannelette : Woven cotton fabric or material. Clothing in Australia manufactured from “Flannelette”
Flat : A single apartment
Flat mate : Room mate
Flat out : Full speed. e.g. “I can’t go any faster I’m flat out already”
Flat out like a lizard drinking : To accomplish something as fast as you can
Flat as a tack : A state of being extremely busy or active especially in respect to one’s work or job
Flies : See No flies on
Fly speck : Something incredibly rare, scarce or uncommon
Floater : Australian hot meat and pea pie
Flog : To steal something. e.g. “Where did you get that from Bill? I hope you didn’t flog it”
2. To sell something. e.g. “Why don’t you fix up your old car? Na! I think I’ll just flog it instead!”
Flutter : A calculated risk or a moderate gamble. See pokies
Footy : Football. (Rugby league, Australian rules, etc.) e.g. “Are you going to footy today?”
Fortnight : Fourteen days, a period of two weeks
Fossick : To search intently. e.g. “Where’s Nigel? He has gone bush to fossick for gemstones”
Four-x : A popular beer consumed in large quantities in the northern state of Queensland. The can or bottle label displays (four) XXXX
Fringe : Bangs. The fringe of hair above the eyes on a female e.g. “Do you want me to cut you fringe or leave it alone?”
Fruit loop : A person who lacks intelligence. See also Nitwit
Frock : A dress, usually a woman’s summer dress or skirt
Frostie : A cold beer. See also Cold one
Full as a boot : Extremely drunk, beyond legal limits. e.g. “How is George? Not good, he is already full as a boot!” See also Blotto
Full quid : Having full control of one’s body and mind. See also Not the full quid
Full stop : A period in a sentence
Funnel web : Just possibly the deadliest spider in the world, found predominately in the Sydney Metropolitan area and northern coastal regions. The Funnel web spider inflicts a painful and almost always, lethal bite. The venom attacks the nervous system resulting in uncontrollable convulsions followed by death

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