Earbash : To talk or be spoken to incessantly. e.g. “Why did you move seats? Because the bloke beside me was giving me a good earbashing”
Easy : Impartial, indifferent, a person who shows little concern as to the outcome of a decision. e.g. “What do you think about it? I’m easy”
Edge on : To have the advantage. e.g. “Are you going to give up? I’ve got the edge on you!”
Emu : A ground bird of great speed, indigenous to Australia and a dead ringer to an ostrich
Enzed : The land of New Zealand incorporating a north and south Island
Enzedder : A citizen or resident of New Zealand
Entree : An appetizer
Engaged : Busy or occupied. e.g. “I phoned you, but you were engaged”
Esky : A portable cooler for food or drinks. See also Coola bin
Extra Grouse : Extra special, better than terrific

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