A.B.C. : Channel 2 Television (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
ABO : Derogatory phrase for Aboriginal
Act : Someone pretending. e.g.”Cease bunging on an act.” See also Bung
Aggro : Very angry, somewhat out of control. e.g. “I’ll get aggro if you don’t stop it!”
Alice : Nickname for the town of Alice springs located in the Northern Territory
All Blacks : Rugby union football team from New Zealand
Alky : An alcoholic person. e.g. “She’s an alky!”
A Bit Stiff : Used to denote a person who is short of cash. e.g. “Mate, I can’t loan you any money, I’m a bit stiff at the moment.” See also Stiff
Alsatian : German Sheppard dog
Amber Nectar : Reference to Beer. And “Amber Liquid” is also a phrase used with a similar meaning See also Boozer
Anzac : World War soldier of the Australian and New Zealand army corps
Ankle Biter : Children in general. Also children that are referred to as brats
Apple Isle : The small island state of Australia called Tasmania
Apples : See She’s apples
Ah-roo : Goodbye, farewell. See also Hooroo
Army Disposal : War surplus store
Artist : One who is excessive in nature, such as, booze artist, bull artist, con artist
Arvo : Afternoon. e.g. “I’ll see you this afternoon mate!”
Aussie : Australian citizen. Australia. See also Oz
Aussie Salute : A comical term given (due to the abundance of flies) to a person waving their hands in a frantic pursuit to shoo the flies away
Australasian (market) : South east Asia, Australia, New Zealand and adjacent islands
Ayers Rock : The world’s greatest monolith, rising 863 metres in the air and with a span of (over) 3.6 Kilometres and 1.9 Kilometres wide. Situated in the geographic dead centre of Australia, this magnificent and awesome sandstone rock formation captivates it’s onlookers with its many spectacular views (see also Uluru)

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